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Driving Lessons Leeds

Are you tired of waiting for the bus?  

Fed up with overcrowded trains?

Driving Lessons Leeds

Are you taking Driving Lessons in Leeds but feel you’re getting nowhere?

Are you really happy with your current Leeds driving instructor?

Driving Lessons Leeds

Learn to drive, learn to pass, contact Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds to book your driving lessons in Leeds and get on the road to driving test success.  

Call: 0113 418 2303

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Regular Weekly Driving Lessons in Leeds, Semi Intensive Driving Lessons, Intensive Driving Courses, Crash Courses

Learn to drive with Paul Robinson’s structured driving lessons in Leeds, from 2 to 4 hours daily or weekly, tailored to your needs.

Driving Lessons Leeds

Driving Lessons Leeds

Driving Lessons Leeds

If you are looking for driving lessons in Leeds, contact Paul Robinson, your Local, Fully Qualified Leeds Driving Instructor on: 0113 418 2303.

At Paul Robinson Driving School, you won’t just learn to drive in Leeds, you’ll learn to pass your driving test in Leeds.

By taking your driving lessons in Leeds with Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds, you’ll be learning to drive with your Local, Fully Qualified, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor - familiar with the local road network and practical driving test routes in Horsforth, Leeds.

Paul Robinson has over 10 years’ experience in the driver training sector, working as a Driving Instructor, Driving Examiner, Pass Plus and Registered Fleet Driver Trainer, providing driving lessons in Leeds and post-test driving tuition, including: Driving Theory, Pass Plus, Enhanced Pass PlusMotorway Driving, Driver Refresher Training, Eco Driving and Taxi Test Training.

You can book your Leeds driving lessons and begin the process of learning to drive in Leeds today by calling: 0113 418 2303

We would be delighted to take your call and answer any questions you may have, advise you of the current availability for driving instructors in Leeds and arrange driving lessons in Leeds to suit your requirements.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 6pm

Learning to Drive

Learning to drive is the same as learning any other subject, your success depends on the quality of tuition. Learning to drive can be very time consuming and expensive, therefore choosing the right driving school and driving instructor first time is extremely important.

At Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds, you will be learning to drive with a fully qualified driving instructor, a choice that will ensure you receive the best driving tuition available, greatly increasing your chances of learning to drive more quickly and passing the driving test first time, which in turn will reduce the cost of learning to drive.

We offer great value for money and discounts for block bookings, allowing you to make further savings by paying for your driving lessons in advance.

Whether you have a deadline to meet or would simply prefer to learn to drive by taking regular weekly driving lessons, Driving Instructors at Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds will use their expert knowledge, advanced driving skills and experience to plan and deliver a structured course of driving lessons to meet your individual needs.

We believe in a friendly, patient approach to teaching which creates a positive environment that enables you to relax and facilitates maximum learning and enjoyment.

Ultimately, the more you enjoy the process of learning to drive, the more quickly you will develop in terms of confidence and skill.

We provide all the training, support and advice you need to prepare for the driving theory test, hazard perception test and practical driving test, through the use of visual aids, demonstrations and the provision of online resources. We can also recommend reading materials and other media such as DVD, depending on your preferred learning style.

At Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds, we will track your progress, so that you can see when you’re ready for the driving test.

Beyond the L-test we can provide you with further driver training, such as Motorway tuition and Driver Refresher courses or Pass Plus that may entitle you to a discount on your car insurance.

Your driving licence is a passport to freedom.  It’s not the easiest thing to earn, but with the right preparation, good quality driving lessons, motivation, dedication and the right attitude, it is well within your reach.

To discuss your requirements and check driving instructor availability for driving lessons in Leeds, call Paul Robinson Driving School: 0113 418 2303


Why Choose Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds

Paul Robinson - much more than just your Local Fully Qualified, DVSA Approved Leeds Driving Instructor…

10 Years' Experience in the Driver Training Sector

Paul Robinson Driving School Leeds was established in 2015, by Founder, Owner and Principle Driving Instructor, Paul Robinson, who started his career as a driving instructor in Leeds during 2005.

Former AA Driving School Instructor

Paul has worked as a driving instructor for the AA Driving School, where he later qualified as a corporate driver trainer and became involved in the training of large fleets including British Gas and the Royal Mail.

Intensive Driving Course Specialist

Paul has also worked as a civilian driving instructor for the Ministry of Defense, delivering intensive driving courses to infantry soldiers on a 2:1 basis.

DVSA Registered Fleet Driver Trainer

In 2009, Paul attended a Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, Accredited Fleet Driver Trainer Course covering: presentation skills, initial driver assessments, advanced and defensive driving techniques, motorway driving and coaching techniques, before passing three examinations in fleet theory, advanced driving and coaching ability.

Bus & Coach Driver

During 2009, Paul also passed the driving test for Category D, entitling him to drive Passenger Carrying Vehicles including buses and coaches.

Driving Examiner (DVSA)

In 2011, Paul attended the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency’s training and development centre at Cardington, Bedfordshire as a new entrant Driving Examiner, where he received four weeks of intensive, residential training comprising driver and test training.  Following successful completion of the driver training, Paul spent the remainder of the course learning how to conduct driving tests.  Topics covered: planning and control of the driving test, assessment and marking of a candidate’s driving, completion of all driving test paperwork, writing reports and customer care skills.

Energy Saving Trust Approved Ecodriving Trainer

In 2014, Paul successfully completed the Energy Saving Trust’s Ecodriving Train-the-Trainer course and obtained the qualification necessary to deliver the Energy Saving Trust’s Ecodriving Scheme.

Registered Trainer for North Yorkshire County Council's Enhanced Pass Plus & Older Drivers' Refresher Courses

In 2014, Paul also successfully completed training with North Yorkshire County Council in the delivery of Enhanced Pass Plus and Older Drivers’ Refresher courses.

DIAmond Elite Advanced Driver

In 2016, Paul passed the DIAmond Elite Advanced Driving Test.

DIAmond Advanced Driving Examiner

In 2016, Paul also qualified as a DIAmond Advanced Driving Examiner and is now authorised to conduct advanced driving tests on behalf of DIAmond Advanced Motorists including:

DIAmond Advanced Car Test
DIAmond Elite Car Test
DIAmond Taxi Test

IAM RoadSmart Taxi Driver Assessor

In 2016, Paul also qualified as an IAM RoadSmart Taxi Driver Assessor and is now authorised to conduct taxi driver assessments on behalf of IAM RoadSmart.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor, Pass Plus & Registered Fleet Driver Trainer, Paul Robinson is dedicated to ensuring the provision of quality driving lessons and driver training through his commitment to continuous professional development.

Driving Lessons Leeds Prices

2 Hour Manual Driving Lesson




10 Hours of Manual Driving Tuition (Block Booking Discount) SAVE £10.00




To discuss your requirements, check driving instructor availability and book driving lessons in Leeds…

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